current location: San Francisco, CA

who are you, really?

let's be ourselves, together.

What does it mean to be “authentic”?

My friends describe me as warm, open, nonjudgmental, a little bit silly, and interested in people: what makes us tick, and how we can all experience moments when we actually feel like ourselves, with no pressure — if just for a moment.

That’s what I’m trying to find, that sweet spot.

I’m not interested in just having a “transaction” between strangers.  I hope to help create the experience of two friends just getting together, relaxing, and feeling like we can exhale. (Meeting in this particular way is inherently a little strange, and I acknowledge that! That’s okay!)

I’m not the most perfectly-polished person, but real life isn’t always polished. I was born on a tropical Philippine island, and I feel most at home in my adopted home state of California, but I exist somewhere in-between. I studied creative writing at a massive renowned California public university first, then pivoted to health sciences as a graduate, and now, sometimes, I make funny little creatures out of felt. I’m a little bit goofy sometimes. You can interpret that however you like!

I might be a bit (hopefully endearingly) awkward at times, but I’ve reached the point in my adult life where I’m comfortable with that. I hope you are, too. My favorite states of being are “sincere” and “silly” … and I truly believe these two elements coexist beautifully.

No pressure, no stress. Let’s be comfortable, let’s relax and laugh together, and let’s just be ourselves.

Who you'll meet:

just under 5'0" // petite // European & Asian // degrees in creative writing & health sciences // Myers-Briggs: INFP-A (optimistic, idealistic, interested in healing and helping others, and focused on possibility)

What I love:

absurdist humor, creative nonfiction, photojournalism & street photography, Coen Brothers movies, playing along with Jeopardy! (and taking, and failing, the Jeopardy! Anytime Test)

Japanese & farm-to-table cuisine; everything from prix-fixe tasting menus to adventurous street food, things we can share, eating with our hands, wishing organ meats were a bigger part of most American restaurants' menus

kissing! (and cuddling!) DO kiss and touch my face, play with my hair...

boats & taking the ferry when it's not practical to do so, long-distance train rides, hot springs, healing touch, scalp massages (giving and receiving until we both look insane)

quiet, simple moments of shared warmth; also, just being delightfully stupid together

Home city:

San Francisco, CA

& always available for ‘Fly Me To You’ trips anywhere you are.

800 /// 1hr /// a quick catch-up for established friends

1000 /// 1.5 hrs /// a sweet introduction


1200 /// 2 hrs /// a relaxed hello with time to explore

1500 /// 4 hrs /// a true dinner date with an organic pace

2000 /// 6 hrs /// a night or day out and about, with indulgence and real connection


3000 /// ~ 14 hrs overnight /// a proper evening of delight, then dreaming alongside one another and plenty of cuddling… I love sharing a bed!

5000 /// 24 hrs /// a full day together with anything we can imagine

8000 /// 48 hrs /// a weekend all our own


Meets longer than two hours should include time for a meal, an activity, or grabbing drinks!

San Francisco is the city I call home when I’m not traveling. I don’t have a fixed incall location here in the Bay Area, but I’m happy to arrange a location for us with everything booked by me; please simply add a 200USD hotel fee if desired. I’m otherwise happy to come to your residence at my discretion, or your well-appointed hotel within the SF Bay Area.

(As a classic city-dwelling gal without a car, I may request an Uber fee for some Bay Area destinations outside of the city of San Francisco.)

I do ask a 10% deposit for all bookings, which can be sent easily and discreetly with multiple methods available. (Options include simple, user-friendly electronic methods, anonymous deposits, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and more.)

I dearly appreciate you sending the 10% deposit only, and not the full amount. I do try to stay within my receiving limits for certain financial services, and surpassing those limits may get my accounts flagged for review. If you wish to send a full amount in a method other than cash, I’m happy to provide options, including cryptocurrency and other methods. As a fun option, I even accept cast gold bullion ask me!)

Curious about travel and more possibilities?

I’m passport-ready for international excursions, and also love exploring all over the US!  I’m happy to plan for a “Fly Me To You” trip where I come to you, whereever you are. I would be happy to make this plan for a minimum meet of 6 hours or longer in the Pacific or Mountain time zones (2000USD + travel), or for a meet overnight or longer for Central or Eastern time zones (3000USD + travel). I may request a larger deposit for Fly Me To You trips.

I’d be delighted to visit your home city or to meet you while you’re on a business trip so we can enjoy your downtime together or for the two of us to meet up in a getaway destination new to us both!

I’m VERY petite (just a touch under five feet!), so my travel costs are reasonable, and I do not require first class; I have plenty of room to stretch anywhere, and I’m a minimalist traveler and famously pack very lightly. (I’m proud to say that I’ve never had to check a bag in my life!)

With that said, if a flight is longer than a few hours, a courtesy coverage of a night’s rest at a hotel prior to our meet is a much appreciated kindness, and will ensure that I’m rested and bright-eyed when we meet.


I appreciate you having read this far. Now that we’ve gotten many details out of the way, it’s time for the good bit: meeting! That’s my favorite part out of all of this, and I hope it’s yours, too.

I welcome you to reach out and email me, and just say hi. I’m just about the least intimidating person you might meet, and your message will be received by me with open arms.

Feel free to use my contact section below, or email me:

light-hearted & open-hearted.


based in San Francisco, CA
. . .
reach out for travel
& fly me to you


Introduce yourself as you would on any traditional dating website, sharing as much about yourself as you’d like. I’m a real human being, and saying “hello” makes this whole thing as un-weird as possible so we can get right to the good bits.

All booking requests should include screening, please.

  • Employment verification (such as a LinkedIn profile with photo)


  • References from other companions, with links to their website(s) so that I may contact them directly (accepted at my discretion)

I honestly look forward to hearing from you.